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All you need to know about Online IELTS

All you need to know about Online IELTS

Info on Online IELTS

What is an Online IELTS test?

Many schools and companies went online because of the pandemic. The British Council also followed along by introducing a new IELTS online test format. Test-takers can now take the exam from the comforts of their own homes with the new test format. This format removes the hassle of test centers and the usual pen and paper.

If you prefer the traditional pen and paper test format, don't worry. You can still choose this format through the official website.

You can book any test format through the official British Council website. Here's how you can book your online test:

1. Search "Book the IELTS online test" or head on over to the IELTS website: https://ieltsregistration.britishcouncil.org/test-chooser.

2. Choose the type of exam you need: Academic, General Training, UKVI, or Life Skills. Be careful in choosing the test.

3. Choose your country or territory.

4. Choose the type of test format you need.

5. Select the dates of your test.

6. Book your tests by adding payment.

7. Congratulations! You've successfully booked your test!

The availability of the test determines its format and date. Sometimes, the test type of your choice may not be available.

Also, be sure to choose the type of test you need. There is a difference between all the test types:

1. IELTS ACADEMIC: This test is for those who wish to have their higher education abroad.

2. IELTS GENERAL TRAINING: This is for those who wish to study at a below-degree level or work at a company abroad.

3. IELTS UKVI and IELTS Life Skills: These are English language proficiency tests certified by the government of the UK. Visa and immigration procedures require this test.

What makes IELTS Online Test different?

The IELTS Online test will be available to the test-takers starting early this year. Therefore, they may choose to attempt the exam either from home or at any other convenient location. The option to write both the Academic and General tests online is now available.

The candidate can attempt all parts of the assessment online. The sections of the IELTS are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Test-takers do the IELTS speaking test over a video call. Similarly, all the materials for the other skills also reach the aspirant online.

This model of the assessment doesn't compromise its integrity. How? Well, it uses both AI and trained examiners and invigilators. They make sure that the aspirants do with no foul play.

According to some experts, this new modal is quite beneficial to the aspirants. As they are now in a comfortable environment, the aspirants can focus. Their confidence increases, and they can breeze through the assessment.

Where to find more info about Online IELTS
For some tips and tricks on how to ace the IELTS, head on over to our blog!

If you need help while preparing for the IELTS, check out the free practice tests available on our website to familiarize yourself with the test questions and the testing experience.

In case you need expert guidance, download our My EdTek Partner app for video lessons, practice tests, mock tests, study materials, and more. You will also get specialist training to help you excel in your official IELTS test.

You can find additional information about the new mode of testing at the official site of the British Council

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