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How to ace the IELTS Speaking test like a pro?

How to ace the IELTS Speaking test like a pro?

Do you have the proverbial gift of the gab when it comes to speaking your thoughts out loud or are you the next Caesar or Cicero of old with your speaking skills?

Okay maybe not these guys, but you get the idea. The speaking segment of the IELTS exam, by no means an easy segment, is not a difficult one to overcome.

Especially when you have the My EdTek Partner (MEP) to help you out.

This blog will chalk out the ways in which MeP app will help an aspirant to achieve the desired band scores in the IELTS speaking session.

What is the IELTS speaking test all about?

The International Language Testing System (IELTS) speaking test is conducted to evaluate how well the aspirant can express/communicate in the language, using accurate vocabulary to put across their thoughts and opinions.

You must be able to organize and present your ideas without faltering. The test consists of three tasks.

Task 1- where you may be asked familiar questions about yourself, your life and interests.

Task 2- where you will be given a cue card, and one minute to prepare on it. You are supposed to speak for two minutes on the given topic.

Task 3- in this section the examiner may ask you for your opinions, ideas, speculations related to task 2 topics

So what does it take to pass the IELTS speaking test?

The examiner listens intently to the candidate and evaluates them based on fluency and easy maneuvering of ideas, vocabulary strength, absence of grammatical errors etc. Some things you can keep in mind before attempting the test are-

Speak at a regular pace without pauses or hesitations.

1. Use an assortment of words that will help you discuss any topic effectively.
2. Use a mix of simple- complex sentence structures and error free sentences.
3. Keep your pronunciation clear and uniform throughout.
4. Have clarity of ideas/opinions and avoid stuttering.

The MyIELTS Partner app provides you with more such learning strategies, head straight for it.

How can My EdTek Partner app help in IELTS speaking?

My EdTek Partners comes with a vast array of practice tests and study materials to improve your score in the actual IELTS exam. It comes with an AI-powered assessment that understands your learning style and suggests ways to improve upon gaps found.

What’s more the app also provides a way to get in on a one-on-one session with IELTS instructors in order to boost your speaking skills. These two combinations are what you need to score high when it comes to the IELTS speaking segment.

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