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How does My EdTek Partner help in Offline Coaching?

How does My EdTek Partner help in Offline Coaching?

In what way MEP useful in Online Coaching?

Decided to move to foreign shores? Have to clear IELTS but no time to go for coaching classes?

What if we have a solution for your problem? Yes, anyone who has a phone or a laptop can now prepare for IELTS at your convenience.
In today’s tech savvy world, all of us are dependent on our phones for everything. Provided an option to learn for exams on phones, why would someone go for long and tiring coaching classes?

This is where we -‘My EdTek Partner’ comes into action.

How will this app help? That is what this article will explain further.

So what edge does My EdTek Partner give for online IELTS coaching?

During an offline session, does your essay get evaluated at every moment? Of course, the answer would be a No!! Our MEP’s get an advantage of getting evaluated right after they submit their writing, reading, speaking and listening tests. Now you need not wait for two or more days to know your score.

With the help of AI, MY EdTek Partner has made it effortless for the students to prepare themselves for the exam. You get your score with just one click.

Feeling lazy to travel miles to attend classes? Shall I give you an option to sit at home and learn at your ease?

Single solution for this crisis- MEP, My EdTek Partner- A Self Learning Application. The app provides easy accessibility from any part of the world. All you need to do is download the app and there you go with ample resources. Anytime anywhere, we are there for you. Don’t you think this is far more convenient than the offline sessions?

Have you ever asked about the experience of your faculty in IELTS training at your coaching institutes?

General trend seen nowadays is that – staying idle? Have nothing to do? Well then why don’t you go train students for IELTS!

This is where MYiELTS Partner becomes a partner who makes a difference. Our faculty is experienced in the field of IELTS training for over 15 years. They have commendable language proficiency and are best at concept visualisation. Now that’s something which makes us pretty much trustworthy, don’t you think?


As you can see, our cutting-edge teaching methods go beyond traditional approaches. Our instructional videos are meticulously crafted to cultivate focus and organization, providing invaluable tips and tricks to help you achieve a stellar Band 9 in each module. The incorporation of mock and practice tests allows for comprehensive self-evaluation, enhancing your learning experience.

Embrace the dynamic world of MEP and discover why it's not just a training app but a pathway to excellence, making it a more vibrant and engaging alternative to conventional academies.

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